Five Minute Friday: Time

Time was all I was given with her - it was short, but I was given time.

When I was reunited with my birth family, the one person I longed to met was my grandmother. After losing my adopted grandmother - the only grandparent I knew - when I was 12, there was always a longing for that connection.

My grandmother Mattie made me feel special. I am sure she did not have favorites, but she made each of us feel as if we were the “one.”

I did not need a replacement, but I desired the love of a grandmother throughout my life after Grandma Mattie’s passing. Time passed and twenty-three years later, I learned I had another grandmother.

Grandma Sarah.

One who had cuddled me in the moments after my birth.

Did she miss me?

Did her prayers protect me?

Did she desire to reconnect with me?

There were many elements of the narrative I created prior to reuniting with my grandmother, but I never thought in her I would find my person!

The day I met her, she used family photos to introduce me to my 12 aunts and uncles and the dozens of cousins. She gave me a place.

I enjoyed our phone conversations.

I was thankful for our visits.

I was fulfilled by her love.

When she passed away nine months after initial reunion, I was thankful for the precious gift of time.

This post was originally written for Five Minute Friday.