Did You Drop the Ball?

Several months ago, one of my brothers called to share exciting news with me concerning a ministry assignment. I rejoiced with him and offered words of encouragement. When we got off the phone, I made a mental note to send him words of encouragement daily to let him know that I was cheering him on from the sidelines.

He did not know my plans so when I missed sending the text a couple of days, I started to feel guilty for not carrying out the intentions of my heart.

When I sent a text to “get back on track,” I began by apologizing for dropping the ball.

The response that I received encouraged me and has caused me to watch football games just to observe the action of players who drop the ball.

With his permission, I will share a portion of his message with you:

“The other day during a football game, a player was running with the ball and someone else made contact with him causing him to drop the ball or fumble. The player quickly recovered and secured the once dropped ball. The good news to the runner is he wasn’t penalized. ”

As I sat at my desk reading the words in the text message, I couldn’t shake the feeling that others needed to hear this message.

Maybe you have not remained focused on the things you committed to do on January 1st. If you feel that you have missed the mark with any of the goals that you outlined and strategically mapped out, today is your opportunity to secure the ball and keep running!

Fumbles Don’t End the Game

If you dropped the ball or if there was an interference that led to the fumble, ask God to allow you to set your eyes on Him. When our hearts and mind are aligned with Him, we can repent quickly if our actions caused us to fumble. We should accept the forgiveness of our Savior and keep moving forward in Him.

Get Your Mind Back in the Game

The enemy desires us to remain so focused on the fumble that we miss the next play that is called by God, our Coach.

Life happens.

And sometimes life can throw some unexpected blows, which cause us to fumble. We cannot use the events of life as an excuse to stop running the ball. It is during those times that we must be determined to complete the assignment that God has entrusted us with.