Day 1 of The Peace and Prayer Devotional

I have always been talkative. I was the child who had to sing a song, play music, talk to my classroom full of stuffed animals and dolls, or just yell randomly to hear my own voice! My mom was quite the opposite. She would sit quietly during the day--no television, no music, no talking. She used her quiet time to commune with her Father, but I wanted noise. (Keep in mind, I was a child AND she was home with 3 children under the age of 5!) In the midst of my songs, cheers, and repeated questions, she taught me how to tell time. "Come here," she would say as she stood me in front of the clock. "It is 9:00 and I need you to be quiet for 10 minutes. Stand right here and don't say a mumbling word for 10 minutes. Mama is going to have peace and quiet!" Yeap, she had enough! Those moments of solitude were exactly what she needed to refill her tank so she could complete her assignment of mothering with joy. In recent days I have felt the same way as I have tried to find a way to get quiet in the midst of all the noise. Yesterday, when I disconnected news outlets, I was able to hear from my Father. No distractions, no fear, no confusion--just peace and quietness! Today I am asking you to come here and stand with me. We will not watch the clock idly for 10 minutes. We are too mature for that! However, I do challenge you to set a time for quiet reflection. No television, no social media, no phones--just you and the Father. Meditate on today's verse: Philippians 4:8:

Yes, there is the need to stay abreast of current events, but you deserve a time of peace and quietness. In fact, it is a requirement!

In order to be effective in our homes, churches, and communities we have to focus on the the truths of God's word. We must take time out of the hustle of bustle of the day and turn our eyes and intentionally turn our hearts and minds to things that are pure. Refill your tank so that you can be effective in the areas in which He has called you. And we know that...spending quiet time in His word, thinking on things that are a good report will fortify us for the days ahead.


Lord, We acknowledge today that we have allowed the noise of this world to cause us to have fear and anxiety. We repent for giving more attention to the news instead of the Good News of the gospel. Help us to me wise as we gather information, and allow us to be witnesses of Your truth instead of worrying and being afraid. We desire to see your hand in the midst of this present crisis, and we know that You are our ever-present help in the time of trouble. Allow us to hear Your voice clearly, so that we may effectively carry out our assignment and show forth Your glory in our sphere of influence. We thank you for this time of quiet reflection and we praise You in advance for what You are doing in our lives. Amen

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