Five Minute Friday: Name

This is my first Five Minute Friday link-up. We are given a one word prompt and challenged to free write for five minutes. Today's word is NAME. I pray that you are blessed by this message.


My brother called me late last year to ask if I had heard a new song by Tasha Cobb Leonard. Amazingly, I had just discovered the song the night before. As I listened to the song again and again, I was reminded of the importance of our names.

When I entered the world, my name was not recorded or recognized because my birth mother made the decision to place me up for adoption.

When I met her over 10 years ago and she shared the name she gave me, I wondered how my life would have been different for Phyllis Ann.

My parents lovingly received me six weeks later and gave me the name that I proudly wear today, Iris LaRue.

It is occurs to me, as I listen to the words of the song. that God knew my name during those six weeks that I was in transition.

He knew my name during every identity crisis and every storm I ever encountered.

He knows my name.

He loves me.

He calls me by name because I am His.

He knows my name and He sees me.

No matter what or who names me, the only name that matters is the one I am called by my Father.

I am His!

I believe that is the message my brother wanted to convey.