What is in Your Hand?

I have found myself in situations very similar to what Nehemiah faced. Haven’t we all?

Your hands have been equipped to carry out the assignment before you. However, we must take inventory - not of the assignment, but inventory of our tools.

I strongly believe that you are reading this post because you are clear about your assignment. Our struggle usually occurs as we begin the work.

Take a moment and look at your hands. Are you using the right tools to get the job done? Your tools are critically important as you operate in obedience.

If we carefully examine the distractions that fight for our attention, we must realize the noise would not be invading our workspace if we were being idle.

As soon as the enemy realizes your mind is set to complete the task, that is the prime time for him to bring distractions to cause you to stop working.

Sanballat and Tobias only targeted Nehemiah when they saw his progress. Before you become frustrated while working,

What have you been assigned to complete this season?

Operate in the spirit of excellence as a wife and mother?

Pray for a loved one who doesn't know Jesus Christ as Lord?

Open your home and your heart to a neighbor who is alone?


Write a book?

Start a Bible study?

Be an example in word and deed?

Whatever it is, use your tools to get it done!

The most important tool you need is the word of God. By meditating on the promises of God, our ways will be made prosperous and we will have good success.

What you are building matters.

Lives will be changed because of your obedience.

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