Introduction to Write 31 Days Challenge

As I sat in my living room with tears streaming down my face, I was determined that I would not move from my recliner until I understood how I had allowed myself to be drawn back into this situation again. The night that I accepted the Facebook friend request from a high school acquaintance had led me to weeks of frustration and confusion.

I became angry with myself because I had entertained too many phone calls and had stepped away from my place of peace. I prayed earnestly and asked God how had I allowed this person back into my life? What mistakes did I make and how could I prevent this from happening again.

I knew that I had a two hour trip ahead of me and the later I waited, the harder it would be for me to make the trip. Yet, I did not eat, drink, or change my posture. I needed to hear from God.

While I sat in silence a summer storm erupted. The storm raging on the outside of my home was comparable to the storm raging within me. When the storm passed, I stepped outside to survey the damage and to make sure my leaning tree was still standing. As I walked outside, I saw that the tree had withstood the storm, but the most beautiful sight of all was the double rainbow directly in front of my house.

The rainbow indicates to some that the storm has passed, but every time that I see a rainbow, I am reminded of every promise that God has made concerning my life. I felt a peace that I had not known in the weeks prior. As I looked at the rainbows, I knew that there was still work for me to do and I would be able to complete the assignment.

I grabbed my bags and headed to the car, leaving many hours later than I had originally planned. As I rode in solitude and reflection, I heard a phrase that caused me to pull off the road and shed tears of joy. The book that you now hold in your hand was birth that night on Highway 421 in Sanford, NC. The greater the work, the greater the distraction was the response that God gave after I cried out to Him for an answer. I had underestimated the power of accepting a friend request. That simple click of the mouse had almost cost me my promise.

This month, I will share Biblical examples along with personal moments that show the end result of distractions. We will discuss strategies to identify and overcome these distractions so we can carry out the assignment God has given us. I pray you will be encouraged during this challenge.

Thanks for joining me on the journey!

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