5 Battle Tools To Help In Hard Moments

July 3, 2018

I had the privilege of serving on Kelly Balarie's launch team for Battle Ready, which releases today. Kelly is an awesome prayer warrior and her book will transform your mind and empower you to live the victorious life that God designed for you.  I am honored to have Kelly as a guest today on Iris's Insights.




She didn't so much as say hi to me. In fact, even worse, she walked right past me, looking the other direction. She pretended I wasn't there. Hmph!! After all I've done for her. After all I've given her. After how I've gone out of my way to love her. 


Now I'm the one left looking like a crazed waving-at-the-air fool.  Like - an idiot.


I humph at her husband along the way to my church seat. Silently, I critique her in my mind, She's rude. Before not too long, I get side-tracked by own thoughts: Everyone always hurts me. Like that boy, I asked to dance in 4th grade. Like those girls who circled up to whisper about me in that damp locker room. Like the group of women who act like they're far better than me.


I'm supposed to be listening in church, but who can listen, thinking about all this, all them!?


Here, I find myself, in the heat of a horrible battle. You can always tell if you're in the heat-of-a-battle. Almost instantly, your soul-crushing problem magnifies 100x larger than your promise-keeping God. Suddenly, you're standing weaponless, in all-out combat within your own mind. Hardly able to win.


Ever been there?


I've struggled through a lot – through massive health-scares, depression, an eating disorder, financial debt and relationship-severing dramas. Battles. Huge, hard-fought battles, loaded with momentary decisions of pain, struggle and uncertainty.


I remember the time:


1. The doctor returned to the room with the clipboard saying, "You really might have Mulitple Sclerosis." 
I thought: How do I keep my thoughts close to God with this kind of news?


2. My colicky newborn made me pace my hallways 24-7. Sleepless, hardly-thinking and powerless to change my health-situation, I didn't know what to do.  

I thought: How do I still love people when my whole life is unraveling?


3. A family member called me to say I really should get on setting up long-term care for myself.

I thought: How do I deal with the fact all my dreams will now look different than I thought?


Through all this, I realized, real wisdom is having a battle-plan.


Let’s talk about Christ-centered battle-plan preparedness. Begin by asking yourself: What am I currently facing?


Identifying your main struggles (resentment, regret, trauma, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, fear) is to allow God to help you win your battle. For example, for me, underneath that issue with the girl, was an old war full of rejection, humiliation, and abandonment from years past. Underneath, were old battles I’d lost – because they were left unaddressed. Therefore, they left me with resentment towards God.


Seeing our battles for what they are, gives us a clear