The Importance of a Vision Screening

In late September my daughter and I had our annual vision screening. During previous office visits, we were scheduled at the same time, but we have never been in the screening room at the same time. Our last visit was different. She and I entered the room for our eye exam together. I sat directly behind her as she read the letters without her glasses. I could not believe the mistakes that she made. I have always joked and told my daughter that she only wanted glasses because I wear them, but I saw clearly that she did not see clearly! She and I switched seats and the letters that I could see so clearly while I was wearing my glasses, now were blurry and distorted. I probably made the same mistakes that my daughter made without the visual aids. As we walked in to the room to meet with the doctor, he talked to us about our astigmatism. He indicated that we see distorted images because of the way the light hits our eyes. In order for us to see properly, he prescribed a higher dosage for our corrective lenses. As I sat down later that evening and pondered the results of our vision screening, I was reminded of our spiritual eyesight. Are our eye conditions preventing us from seeing things as what they really are? It is easy for a doctor to diagnose our physical eye condition and prescribe corrective lenses, but where do we go when we have a spiritual eye condition? Sometimes we need to shift our perspective so that we can see through the eyes of Christ. If you are in the predicament that my daughter and I were a few months ago, there is a remedy. Put away the distorted lens and set your eyes on Christ so that He can open the eyes of your heart! Allow the light of Christ to shine on the situation so that all things can be brought into focus. We must ask the Chief Optometrist to diagnose our situations so that He can be pleased with our sight. Don't delay, schedule your vision screening today!

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