He Has Not Forgotten

Have you encountered a situation and wondered, based on the evidence, if there would be a favorable outcome? Have you ever allowed your reality to cause you to lose sight on the favorable outcome God promised to give you? Several weeks ago, I was reminded of an assignment I was given during a writing workshop. The facilitator instructed all participants to create a timeline from the year of our birth to the present day. She challenged us to list significant events or jarring memories which occurred during those years. We were further instructed to keep moving if we were unable to recall a significant event, but to try to write down something for each year on our timeline. I immediately started working on my timeline and filled it with funny, painful, and memorable recollections that I would have never recalled without the assignment. One year that I recalled without hesitation was 1989-the year that I turned 16. As a result of terrible ear infections that I had as a young child my parents were very concerned about my ear health. My mother often describes how painful those moments seemed to be along with the many shots and doctor's visits I encountered during the first five years of my life. Of course, I don't remember any of it. I do remember other consequences of my persistent ear infections. Because of the stress that my tiny ears endured, my dad decided it would not be wise for me to get my ears pierced until I could make a decision for myself. I would have to wait until I turned 16. As a young girl watching all of my friends wear cute earrings, I believed that this decision was actually cruel and unusual punishment. I constantly pleaded for pierced ears, and always received the assurance that I would have something to look forward to when I turned 16. I teamed up with my great-aunt Katie, who assured my dad that she could pierce them herself with a sanitized sewing needle. Again, he told me that I could wait until I turned 16. Can't blame Dad for that decision! The anticipation grew and I believed that my dad would surprise me on my 13th birthday and I would finally get my ears pierced. That was not the case. He asked me if I had waited all these years, why did I think that I couldn't wait three more years. It was then that I stopped worrying, plotting, and begging. I decided to look forward to 1989 because I would finally have my ears pierced. While most teens are excited about getting their licenses on their 16th birthday, I was looking forward to a trip to the jewelry store. Finally, the day arrived and my anticipation was at an all time high. My mom picked me up from school early and asked where did I want to go first, the driver's license office or the jewelry store. I chose the driver's license office because I planned to drive myself to the place of my promise - the jewelry store! That is exactly what happened. I finally got my ears pierced during my sophomore year in high school. I had to wait for years, but my father did not forget what he promised me. I left the jewelry store and drove directly to his job so that he could see two things, my license and my earrings! If you recall a time in your life when you did not know how a favorable outcome was possible, I challenge you to consult your timeline. There are many blessings God has already granted and you need to remind yourself that if He did it back then He will do it again! My pierced ear story is so simple in light of all of the promises that God has kept concerning us. However, allow my story to remind you that even if you grow weary while you wait, our Father still remembers what He has said about you and your circumstance. Don't try to plot with others to get the result that you desire, His answer will not change. He is still ministering to your heart to let you know that your time is not His time. You may not understand the wait, but you must trust His way and His word.

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