Episode 7 - My Chat with Jo Saxton

January 23, 2018




I have been blessed to serve on the launch team of several traditionally published authors, but this is the first time I have been given the opportunity to interview the author.  Jo Saxton, the child of Nigerian immigrants in the UK, has written a timely book that releases today. The Dream of You: Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For, is available in bookstores nationwide. After hearing this phenomenal woman, you may choose to purchase the audiobook just to hear Jo Saxton’s voice as she narrates.  I know that you will not be disappointed.




Highlights from today’s episode:


  1. Learn how Jo's geographical transitions empowered her to minister to others.

  2. Hear Jo speak candidly about the timing of her book release.

  3. Find out the correlation between Hidden Figures and The Dream of You.












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