Do Your Thing

“Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, and He will bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5

Have you ever worked hard on completing a task, but just couldn’t seem to make it happen? Have you begun an assignment, but hit one road block after the other without the assignment being completed?

I love to cook and entertain friends and family in my home. This past weekend I was honored to host my parents and siblings as we celebrated the New Year. As much as I love entertaining, it can be a draining endeavor. Menu planning, grocery shopping, sleeping arrangements are all tasks that have to be completed in order for optimum success.

While preparing the second meal of the weekend, I watched as my husband manned the grill, my sister took care of desserts, and my brother and sister-in-law kept a close eye on the younger ones. My heart was warmed as my parents spent precious moments with my aunt and uncle. We were all doing our thing.

There was no agenda.

There was no chore chart.

Everyone was doing their part with joy.

I stood in the kitchen and remembered when this same scene would have caused my stress level to go through the roof. I would have been so overwhelmed and frazzled that I would have been the only one not having a great time. The funny thing about the scene in my kitchen is that we had all accessed what needed to be done and then operated in our area of expertise.

Although there were three of us working in the kitchen, I was not concerned with anyone else or what they were doing. I only focused on my own assignment.

This experience is so similar to completing spiritual assignments.

We all have special gifts to offer and when we are doing what we are called to do we don’t have time to focus on others.

Your gift is important, but it is more important to make sure that you have submitted your gift to God so that you can operate at your fullest potential.

What we bring to the table is important, but this year I am determined to do my thing and not focus or compare myself to what others are doing.

When we all sat down to eat, there was joy and satisfaction because all of us had worked to our fullest potential.

Doing your thing is not about being grandiose or bringing attention to ourselves or our abilities. We should offer our gifts in a manner that will bring joy and satisfaction to others, while bringing glory to God.

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