Help is Here

I watched two substitute teachers enter the building last week and assumed that they would cover the classes of teachers who were absent. However, these teachers were entering a high school building on a mandatory workday. No students were in the building--just teachers who had to wrap up one semester and quickly prepare for a new semester in just one day. Realizing the work that would be required for teachers to carry out the tasks before them, the administrative team had stepped in to offer aid and lighten their workloads. The substitute teachers were on campus to provide assistance to the teachers. Around 10:30, I noticed that the substitutes were not aiding the teachers. They were there to help, but no one had accepted their offers of help. Why did this turn of events occur? The teachers, who had been complaining all week about the amount of work that had to be done, did not want any help. Help was available, but the ones who needed it most turned it away. I have been just as guilty as my co-workers as I have tried to muster a smile while I mutter that I am okay. I have been the friend who was quick to lend a listening ear for others, but then shut people out who would be willing to help me during my time of need. I have rationalized that God will help me when my pride prevented me from seeking help from a loved one. My co-workers showed me that one decision to reject available help causes frustration for those who are called in to assist. The next time that you are overwhelmed, understand that God's ears are open to your silent and your audible prayers and petitions. When you ask God for help, His answer may not arrive in a miraculous manner, but His answer may be the neighbor who offers an encouraging word when you feel like giving up. His answer may be in the co-worker who lends a helping hand in order to help you meet your deadline. His answer may be in the child who does a small task to assist you in reaching a goal. According to Isaiah 41:13, "For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." NIV Don't overlook the answer to your prayers by attempting to do it all yourself. Help is here, but it is up to us to accept it.

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