How Do You See It?

A few years ago I assisted a women's ministry that was hosting a retreat in Emerald Isle, NC. While preparing for the second group of women to arrive, the staff walked through the house to make sure everything was perfect.

There was a bedroom with bunk beds that needed to be made up properly. As two of us worked together to put the finishing touches on the bed, someone else stood on the ladder to guarantee that everything was done correctly.

Linda and I were confident that our efforts were fruitful and we prepared to move to another bedroom. Our plans quickly changed as Dee announced, "You are looking at this bed from the floor and to you it looks complete, I can see what you can't see & we still have work to do!"

That statement was more relevant to my life than it was to a bunk bed. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to tuck, fold, and make adjustments to the things that I can see. Although the adjustments seem to be the right thing to do, if I refuse to look at the purpose behind the adjustments, my efforts are all in vain.

I am sure I am not the only one who has tried to put a permanent fix on a temporary condition. We work hard to make things look perfect from where we are standing and to fit in roles that we may no longer be comfortable in. In our effort to make things appear perfect we may miss the bigger picture.

Our limited view confines us to the level on which we stand, but if we would take a moment and look at our situations through the eyes of Christ, we would understand that there is more to our situation than what meets the natural eye.

Some adjustments are only temporary solutions, but if we were to change our perspective, things would not look as bad as we have convinced ourselves that they are.

It is easy to make adjustments in life based on our limited vision, but our adjustments may require us to stay in a place that we are comfortable in. Climbing the ladder to look at the bed from a different perspective required more than standing on the floor and "doing the best that we could." It required risk. (How many adults really like climbing a ladder to make up a bunk bed?)

In order to see your situation differently, you must change the way that you look at the situation. Refuse to be hindered by what you see or the thoughts and opinions of others.

Dare to move forward based on His instructions.

There is greater joy in knowing that our Omniscient Father sees and knows all. Spend time with Him through praise, worship, and prayer. Intimate time with Him will bring about a different vantage point and it will remove the frustrations that arise when we don't see what He sees.

Ask God to open the eyes of your heart so that you can see what He sees!

This is revised and re-blogged from April 11, 2014

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