The Broken Way: Book Review

"The first thing she said about you was, 'Iris is very broken.' "

I did not rejoice when I heard those words about someone's first impression of me. I did not take offense, but I did probably the next worse thing--I overanalyzed that statement and allowed hurt to penetrate my heart.

What had I done or said to make her think that I was broken?

Why was broken the word she chose to use?

As I pondered the word brokenness, I was reminded of Jeremiah's divine visit to the potter's house. It was there that God showed him the potter working on the wheel molding the vessels--and perfecting those that were marred in his hands.

I began to embrace the broken places in my life and understand that the broken places are means for God's glory to be revealed.

A few months ago, I received an email to sign up to be a part of Ann Voskamp's Book Launch team. I acted immediately and was chosen, along with other Christian bloggers, to help promote her book, The Broken Way: a Daring Path to the Abundant Life.

As I read the words that Voskamp so eloquently penned, I understood that the broken description was not an insult to my walk with God, but it was an insight to where He has chosen to lead me.

It is in the broken places of my life that I have learned the power of trusting God with my broken pieces. Enduring childhood hurts, trusting God during a difficult marriage, overcoming the stigma of a failed marriage, raising my children alone, and moving away from family and friends were all the broken pieces that I had to relinquish to God.

I have embraced those moments of breaking, because it is there that I have received the grace to minister to others who are surrounded by broken pieces.

Voskamp writes, "It's always the vulnerable heart that breaks broken hearts free."

My brokenness has not been in vain. I may not understand why the breaking had to occur, but I am grateful to know that my relationship with the Potter has been fortified because of the breaking.

"Never be afraid of the brokenness--this sets you free in a thousand ways. Free! FREE! to simply sit with brokenness and feel a brokenhearted Healer come closer even now, especially now, to cup the broken hearts laid out on the table."

I thankful that Iris has been very broken. It was in those broken moments, that Iris gained the assurance that she is "never alone, never abandoned, never not safe."