What's Your Fragrance?

As I grabbed my cup of coffee and prepared to head to a recent meeting, a colleague asked the name of the fragrance that I was wearing. Before I had the opportunity to answer her, she named the fragrance and told me how she was able to recognize it immediately. She knew what I was wearing because it was one of her favorite fragrances. She didn't recognize it because It was so overpowering that it took her breath away, nor was it so subtle that only I knew that I had applied it before heading out for the day. She recognized it because she had encountered that fragrance before our encounter at the coffee station. As we interact with others in our homes, churches, jobs, and in the marketplace, it is important to make sure that we are wearing the right fragrance. When we chose to put on the fragrance of humility, love, grace, and peace instead of the odor of pride, hatred, anger, and hostility, others will be led to inquire about our fragrance.

Our fragrance should draw others to our loving and compassionate Savior. Daily we encounter less than favorable conditions, but we have an obligation to make sure we are wearing the right fragrance. Let's pray that our lifestyles, daily conversations, and our ability to remain steadfast in the midst of adversity will cause others to inquire about the fragrance that we are wearing. The fragrance that we wear today may impact someone else's destiny tomorrow.

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