A Cry for Help

As I touched the end button to conclude a conversation, I sighed with heaviness because I didn't know what else to say. I searched for words to convey my feelings about a recent situation, but no matter how hard I tried I could not get my point across. Should I write a letter? Send an email? While I was contemplating my next action, I was reminded of a scene I witnessed months ago in a local restaurant.

(For the readers who have noticed the references that I make to restaurants, please understand that I do cook! I just look for a message in everything and everywhere! )

There was a young girl who stood in front of the newly designed drink dispenser at Wendy's. She was trying to get a Coke, but each time she touched the screen, she became overwhelmed with the choices that appeared. She touched the icon for Coke, which presented her with Diet, fruit-flavored, and caffeine-free options. I wanted to move through the growing lunch crowd and offer assistance, but I also knew that my sudden move could interfere with her independence or even cause embarrassment for her. She was unable to get the machine to work for her advantage and when all else failed, she looked over her shoulder and said, "Somebody, please help me." That was all I needed to hear. I didn't pay any attention to her classmates who were standing around or the people who were growing impatient as they waited for their turn at the machine. I moved because she asked for assistance. As I pictured the young girl, I decided that I would not make another phone call or even try to send an email to get my point across. Instead, I will cry out to my Father who understands the intent of my heart.

I will present my petition to Him and trust Him to intervene on my behalf. I will turn my heart away from the situations that have caused stress and instead open my heart to Him. I will cry for help and ask Him to purify my motives and my intents. I will trust Him with the hurt that others cannot understand or rectify. I will surrender the hard places to Him and trust Him to ply up hardened hearts. When I cry for help, I show that I would rather have God's peace than make my point.

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