It's Possible

My co-worker, who is a talented graphic designer, recently shared a poster with me. I expressed my gratitude, but her expression indicated that I was missing something important during this casual exchange.

"Does anything in the picture look odd?" she asked. When I indicated that I "got it," she shared that she had actually captured the picture while traveling with relatives.

The image depicts a mountain that is split.

Nothing to unusual about that, but from the split, a tree has emerged.

Our finite minds convince us that it is not possible for a tree to grow through a rock. Where are the roots? From where does it draw its nutrients? How was the tree able to break through this hard place? How did that which seemed impossible occur?

I thought about my life and the mountains that have emerged recently.

Family adjustments, comforting friends during the sudden loss of a loved one, job challenges, friends with health crises, and aging loved ones are all difficult and hard places that we must press through.

The image ministered to me, the tree, and reminded me that nothing was or is too hard for God.

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