Intricate Details

During a recent visit home, I noticed that my mom had placed afghans and quilts on beds throughout the house. These coverings always appear as the weather changes from warm to brisk but my attention was drawn to a different aspect of these homemade crafts.

I reflected on the time that my aunts had attempted to teach my sister and me how to crochet. I looked at the finished product and was intrigued by the patterns and designs, but I did not have the patience to bring anything to fruition.

I remember watching as my sister and Aunt Clara Mae worked on a piece that is currently in my parents' living room. Myra held the needle in her hand after watching Aunt Clara Mae crochet and talk her through the process. When Myra finished and presented her "row" for inspection, Aunt Clara Mae showed her the exact spot that she did incorrectly, unraveled it, and got her back on track.

During a summer vacation in New Jersey years later, our Aunt Helen demonstrated the same technique. I was fascinated by the attention that my aunts paid to detail. I thought that it would have been easier to keep threading the needle, instead of unraveling the thread and beginning again. However, the creators would not be pleased with the finished product because they knew how it should have looked. They understood what the student did wrong, and were prepared to help her correct her mistake.

Those bed coverings hold an important message that is much deeper than a family treasure given and passed on to others. We are just like those coverings in the hands of our Heavenly Father. He understands our deepest thoughts, desires, and hurts. He is concerned about every intricate detail of our lives--so much so that He knows the number of every strand of hair on our heads. He is so concerned about our development that once we totally yield ourselves to Him, He will meet us at our deepest place of need--the place that needs unraveling.

The unraveling does not destroy us, but it allows the Father to perfectly craft us into who He designed us to be from the beginning of time. *This week's Insight is the first in a series entitled "Family Treasures". As we approach the holiday season, I will share lessons that I have learned as an adult by focusing on things that seemed insignificant to me as a child. As always, it is my prayer that these weekly messages will speak to you hearts and empower, encourage, and enlighten you.

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