The Pain of the Process

Have you ever encountered a situation that you knew was going to have a great ending, but in the middle of the process you found yourself growing weary and wanting to give up? As I prayed for a word of encouragement to offer those facing those situations, I was given an awesome illustration--a teething baby. I reflected on the time my children were teething and I only remembered how helpless I felt as I tried to assist them. I quickly reached out to a mom who has a more recent experience and this is how she explained her children's teething experience: "My children didn't have fevers, they weren't irritable, none of that. My children were "determined." They all wanted something in their mouth. . . for relief." Determined. Ice, medication, teething rings, and pressure may soothe the pain, but none of them stop the necessary process. As much as parents want to remove the discomfort and pain from their little ones, the teething process is a necessary step in their development and their growth. The hurt that the child experiences will eventually give way to tools that are vital for life to be sustained. An infant is only capable of digesting milk; however, once the child begins to "cut teeth" it is a clear indication that they are now maturing into a stage where they will be equipped to handle solid food. Moving from milk to solids can be a painful transition, but it is necessary. Infants don't see that the pain of teething moves them from feasting on mashed bananas to one day being able to cut into a piece of meat. BUT THE PARENT DOES!!! There are moments that we encounter uncomfortable life situations. These moments will occur throughout our life--not just during infancy. I will now challenge you to look at the situation not as a hindrance to your growth, but as a necessary part of the growth process. The friction that you may be experiencing is not stunting your growth, but it is necessary for your next assignment. It is the pain of this process that will enable you to function with grace as you enter the next phase of your life. View the challenge differently, because our Heavenly Father has equipped us to endure this process and although we may feel that we are in the fight alone--He is with us. Change your perspective and lose focus on the pain by focusing on the "expected end." "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end." Jeremiah 29:11 KJV Become determined to endure this process. Don't fight the process. Don't quit in the middle of the process. Don't complain in the process. Go through the process with joy. The pain is working for your good! The pain is momentary, but the end result will be worth it all!

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