Can I Stand on Your Back?

I watched from a distance as my children and their new friends played together during a recent trip to our local park. Everyone was drawn to and some were even challenged by a fly-around spinner located in the center of the other equipment. My son’s height gave him a slight advantage and he appeared to be a hero to those who were jumping up, in vain, to catch a ride. He would push the spinner and then find a place to jump on so that he could enjoy the ride. One little girl, who had tried effortlessly to get on, began to chant, “Can I stand on your back?” "Can I stand on your back?" Many parents began to watch because she did not know my son’s name and he was having so much fun that he did not realize that she was talking to him. Not to be outdone by the older and taller children, this cute little girl walked over to my son, tapped him on the leg and said, “Can I stand on your back?” Without a moment’s hesitation he squatted on the playground surface and offered his back to someone who simply wanted to enjoy the ride. In 1159, the author John Salisbury wrote,

This is such a powerful statement not only because of the strength of the giants, but also because of the humbleness of the dwarfs. Have you seemingly exhausted all efforts and it still appears that the things God has spoken concerning your life are in the balance? Are you spending time trying to reach for something that seems to be out of grasp? Look around you because someone has the grace, the wisdom, and the strength to do that which seems impossible to you. Learn from them! Humble yourself and ask for the opportunity to stand on their back. The true testament of character is shown once you have reached the goal. Are you then willing to pause from the “ride” long enough to stoop and allow someone else to stand on your back? According to Luke 22:26, Jesus defines greatness as “one who will serve.” Today I challenge you to recall the giants who lifted you up so that you could see further than they did. Thank God for giving you the opportunity to grow because of them. If you have not taken the time to thank them, today would be good day to do so. Do not stop until you have had the privilege of allowing someone else to stand on your back.

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