31 Days Series

I am excited to join Crystal Stine and other bloggers at Write 31 Days

This 31 Days series is not about doing what is comfortable for me--it is not even about writing consistently (although that is a result I am trying to attain), this challenge is about completing a journey that began several years ago. 

I have been distracted. 

Not by the bells and whistles that were happening around me, but by tasks and relationships that were standing between me and my destiny.

I was so distracted that I almost aborted the assignment God gifted me to complete.


If you are facing distractions while attempting to complete your assignments, let us work together to identify the subtle and not-so subtle ways distractions get us off course.


This page is where you’ll find all the posts if you miss one, or want to come back after the Write 31 Days challenge to catch up. Thanks for joining me!


Day 1 - Introduction


Day 2 - Personal Distractions: Lessons from Nehemiah

Day 3 - What is in Your Hand?

Day 4 - Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and a Near-Drowning Experience


Day 5 - Taking a Moment to Find out What's Missing


Day 6 - PAUSE 




Day 8 - Physical Distractions: Lessons from Hannah


Day 9 - Are You Dressed for the Task?


Day 10 - Don't Be Distracted by The Notes


Day 11 - Are You Able to Tell the Difference?


Day 12 - Grace Overshadows the Flaws


Day 13 - PAUSE


Day 14 - REFLECT


Day 15 - Emotional Distractions: Lessons from Naomi

Day 16 - Allow Your Faith to Override Your Fear


Day 17 - We Can't Trust Our Emotions


Day 18 - Sexual Distractions; Lessons from Samson

Day 19 - Breaking Ungodly Soul-ties


Day 20 - PAUSE


Day 21 - REFLECT


Day 22 - Spiritual Distractions: Lessons from Jonah

Day 23 - Highway Distractions


Day 24 - Distracted Driving


Day 25 - What Do You See?


Day 26 - How Much Will It Cost?


Day 27 - PAUSE


Day 28 - REFLECT


Day 29 - Digital Distractions


Day 30 - What Has Your Attention


Day 31 - Accept the Challenge-Your Assignment is Worth It!

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