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Grace for Educators
Grace for Educators offers hope and encouragement for the teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Because the teacher's job is often difficult and challenging, grace is needed to renew the zeal and the passion that makes the job so rewarding. These messages offer a glimpse of God's grace for those who invest their lives empowering others.

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Iris's Insights

Iris's Insights is filled with spiritually uplifting anecdotes. Through the use of heartwarming stories, and scriptures, the author enlightens and encourages her readers. These insights will not only encourage and inspire you, but will also help you see how God's word is inter fused in every area of our lives.

Love Hope Faith


​If you’re at a point in life where God’s love seems distant, you’ve lost hope in a brighter tomorrow, or you don’t have enough faith to believe that God is able to turn your situation around, then this anthology is for you. Allow the writers of the Love. Hope. Faith. anthologies to take you on a journey that will lead you right back to God and the knowledge of His love.

"A Whisper in the Night" is a testimony of what happened in Iris's life when she finally surrendered her broken pieces to the Master.  

My Neighbor, My Buddy, My Friend

Peterson's debut literary work focuses on the importance of friendship. This book is dedicated to her father and two of his life-long friends--the real Bud, Tee, and Tom depicted in this children's book.

Celebrate the milestones with these friends as the book transports the reader through six decades of life through the eyes of the author. My Neighbor, My Buddy, My Friend is the first of a series of books that chronicles the impact of true friendship.