I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Music is an important part of my life. I love singing and I often find solace in singing hymns and songs of worship. A friend of mine once joked that I had a song for every occasion. I assured her I would rather sing than cry. Many times when I feel overwhelmed, God will place a song in my heart to ease my burden and enable me to move forward. So, I guess she was right! Yesterday was filled with directives and changes. My colleagues and I spent our day working on activities for teachers while doing our best to encourage one another. Teachers had questions and desired answers. Although their questions were relevant, I was not capable of providing the real assurance they longed for. W

Day 1 of The Peace and Prayer Devotional

I have always been talkative. I was the child who had to sing a song, play music, talk to my classroom full of stuffed animals and dolls, or just yell randomly to hear my own voice! My mom was quite the opposite. She would sit quietly during the day--no television, no music, no talking. She used her quiet time to commune with her Father, but I wanted noise. (Keep in mind, I was a child AND she was home with 3 children under the age of 5!) In the midst of my songs, cheers, and repeated questions, she taught me how to tell time. "Come here," she would say as she stood me in front of the clock. "It is 9:00 and I need you to be quiet for 10 minutes. Stand right here and don't say a mumbl

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