Taking a Moment to Find What's Missing

Let's examine the consequences of becoming a distracted baker. Several years ago, I decided to bake my favorite pound cake for my cousin's housewarming. Since it is my favorite cake, I decided to bake a cake for home the day before I made the cake for the special occasion. I was disappointed when I took my first bite of the warm cake. Something was not right. Although I could taste the distinct flavor of the cake, the taste of flour overpowered everything else. I revisited the recipe because my first inclination was that I had added too much flour and not enough sugar. To my surprise, I had added the correct amount of both ingredients. Still, something was "off" with this cake. The next morn

What is in Your Hand?

I have found myself in situations very similar to what Nehemiah faced. Haven’t we all? Your hands have been equipped to carry out the assignment before you. However, we must take inventory - not of the assignment, but inventory of our tools. I strongly believe that you are reading this post because you are clear about your assignment. Our struggle usually occurs as we begin the work. Take a moment and look at your hands. Are you using the right tools to get the job done? Your tools are critically important as you operate in obedience. If we carefully examine the distractions that fight for our attention, we must realize the noise would not be invading our workspace if we were being idle. As

Lessons from Nehemiah

How often do you find yourself being pulled away from a task that you know you have to complete? If you are anything like me, it seems that the moment I commit to completing a task, so many other “things” begin to beg for my attention. These things, my friends, are actually DISTRACTIONS! Distractions are defined as “anything that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.” Personal distractions are usually subtle, familiar tugs that are presented to keep us from finishing our assignment. Or they may be frenemies who send enticing messages to meet for a few minutes just to “chill.” If you place your eyes on the enemy and contemplate his invitation to stop working, your as

Introduction to Write 31 Days Challenge

As I sat in my living room with tears streaming down my face, I was determined that I would not move from my recliner until I understood how I had allowed myself to be drawn back into this situation again. The night that I accepted the Facebook friend request from a high school acquaintance had led me to weeks of frustration and confusion. I became angry with myself because I had entertained too many phone calls and had stepped away from my place of peace. I prayed earnestly and asked God how had I allowed this person back into my life? What mistakes did I make and how could I prevent this from happening again. I knew that I had a two hour trip ahead of me and the later I waited, the harder

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