The Lesson on the Dust Tracks: The Orange Crate and the Bean Bag

Have you ever considered your next step and hesitated because of the lack of time, resources, or necessary skills? Have you ever made excuses for not doing what God has placed within your heart? Have you stopped working toward your goal because you are unable to see a reward or the light at the end of the tunnel? While attending a workshop in Florida, I had the opportunity to reflect on my life as a writer. Although, I attended the session so that I could share resources with my co-workers, I was excited about having time to work quietly on several writing projects. I had listed several items on my to-do list and I planned to end the week with a completed task list. My plans soon co

The Lesson in the Baggage Claim

As I waited in the baggage claim, I instinctively knew that there was a problem with one of my bags. The first indicator was the condition of a box that had been mishandled. As the owner retrieved his crushed box from the conveyor belt, liquid spilled everywhere. Then shortly after I witnessed him and his family walk away in disgust, I noticed several bags with a familiar pink tinge. I immediately regretted packing the miracle pink stomach relief medication, but I reasoned that there may have been another person who had also packed wisely. Several seconds later, I saw that I was the guilty culprit. My embarrassment led me to make my second mistake. I turned to make a little joke to

#04 Stay in Your Lane

Moving out of our assigned position may put us in a dangerous position. Focusing on the gifts of others may cause us to operate outside of the grace that God has given us. This episode provides the encouragement needed to prevent us from moving too fast.

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