#02 The Blessing of Being In Sync

Have the disappointments and losses that you have experienced in life made you believe that you can't recover? Take a moment and reconnect to the Source of your supply. There is a blessing in being in sync with Him

#01 Iris's Insights Podcast Launch

This podcast is filled with spiritually uplifting anecdotes. Through the use of heartwarming stories, and scriptures, Iris enlightens and encourages her readers. These insights will not only encourage and inspire you, but will also help you see how God's word is inter fused in every area of our lives. Read more at http://irislpeterson.libsyn.com/#TP1T57umpHwHWwkW.99

How Do You See It?

A few years ago I assisted a women's ministry that was hosting a retreat in Emerald Isle, NC. While preparing for the second group of women to arrive, the staff walked through the house to make sure everything was perfect. There was a bedroom with bunk beds that needed to be made up properly. As two of us worked together to put the finishing touches on the bed, someone else stood on the ladder to guarantee that everything was done correctly. Linda and I were confident that our efforts were fruitful and we prepared to move to another bedroom. Our plans quickly changed as Dee announced, "You are looking at this bed from the floor and to you it looks complete, I can see what you can't see & we

Reflect Without Regret

I sat quietly on my couch the last day of 2016 with pen and paper in hand. My task was to reflect on the past as I prepared for the future. I do not make resolutions--and I don't knock anyone who does--but I do re-evaluate my goals and list the steps that I need to take in order to accomplish them as I move forward with a clean slate. Along with the goals, I have a End of the Year Reflection that I found online and have used as a tool to prepare for the next steps in life. The Reflection sheet has the following areas to complete: * 10 Highlights * 10 Disappointments * 3 Game Changers * 3 Things I Focused On * 3 Things I Forgot I jotted down four highlights and hit a mental block. As I turned

Embracing Your Season

When I taught high school seniors, one of the poems that we studied was Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18". Because the language of the poem was not easy to understand, I would list the seasons on the board and ask students to compare them to a person's life span. Most of the students placed birth- 18 as the springtime of one's life and at the age of 24, my age was listed as summer. I remember the laughs that we had as students talked about the "old age" of their 40-something parents. As a person enjoying the summertime of life, I did not realize how close I was to the next season of my life. A few weeks ago, I was quickly reminded of the diagram that was boldly displayed on my chalkboard that

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