The Broken Way: Book Review

"The first thing she said about you was, 'Iris is very broken.' " I did not rejoice when I heard those words about someone's first impression of me. I did not take offense, but I did probably the next worse thing--I overanalyzed that statement and allowed hurt to penetrate my heart. What had I done or said to make her think that I was broken? Why was broken the word she chose to use? As I pondered the word brokenness, I was reminded of Jeremiah's divine visit to the potter's house. It was there that God showed him the potter working on the wheel molding the vessels--and perfecting those that were marred in his hands. I began to embrace the broken places in my life and understand that the

Three Reasons Why You Can't Quit

As I sat at my desk preparing to post this week's insight, I read two messages and had a phone call from people who were seemingly at the end of their rope. Each of them had hit a pivotal point in their careers/ministry and frustration was causing them to come to the same conclusion, although each communicated it in a different manner: "It seems that my life mimics Job--I just can't seem to get ahead." "Everyone else is leaving---I'm considering following suit." "I wanna quit." As I sat at my desk and prayed for each one of them, I realized that although they were all in different fields, they all had one thing in common. Just before this low point, they had each experienced momen

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