A Cry for Help

As I touched the end button to conclude a conversation, I sighed with heaviness because I didn't know what else to say. I searched for words to convey my feelings about a recent situation, but no matter how hard I tried I could not get my point across. Should I write a letter? Send an email? While I was contemplating my next action, I was reminded of a scene I witnessed months ago in a local restaurant. (For the readers who have noticed the references that I make to restaurants, please understand that I do cook! I just look for a message in everything and everywhere! ) There was a young girl who stood in front of the newly designed drink dispenser at Wendy's. She was trying to get

It's Possible

My co-worker, who is a talented graphic designer, recently shared a poster with me. I expressed my gratitude, but her expression indicated that I was missing something important during this casual exchange. "Does anything in the picture look odd?" she asked. When I indicated that I "got it," she shared that she had actually captured the picture while traveling with relatives. The image depicts a mountain that is split. Nothing to unusual about that, but from the split, a tree has emerged. Our finite minds convince us that it is not possible for a tree to grow through a rock. Where are the roots? From where does it draw its nutrients? How was the tree able to break through this hard place? Ho

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