You Will Survive this Storm

Over the past week, I spent five days in the house because the beautiful snow outside my home prevented me from going anywhere. When I say I was in the house, I mean that I did not go outside for any reason! I gained many insights during those days and I would like to share this tidbit with you today. Monday morning, I desired a change of scenery so I peeked outside to look in my backyard. Not only did I get a different view, but I was also greeted with a gentle reminder of God's faithfulness. The clinging vine that provided shade during the summer was still there in spite of the snow. The storm did not remove it. The storm did not change its appearance. The storm did not destroy it. As you

I Refuse to Dwell in Hurt

Have you ever been intrigued by the names of towns that you hear about on the news or even encounter while traveling? There are some names that always evoke an emotional reaction for me, such as Roosevelt and Camden, NJ, Buffalo, NY, and the small communities of Salemburg and Bonnettsville, NC. If I visited any of these places today, I would be forced to create new memories because these places are not the same as they were decades ago. Although the memories that I have of these places are positive; the people who dwelled there were responsible for creating these fond memories for me and other members of my family. It was their connection to their home that made my visits fond and memorable.

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